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Better Builder - Market Makeover

Better Builder - Market Makeover

September, 2017

 It's only fitting  that the renovation of a building whose histopry is so rooted in storytelling would become its most gripping drama to date. "Challenging" doesn't begin to describe the task that faced the Toronto-based design-build firm Barbini Corporation when it was contracted with overhauling a century-old home in Toronto's legendary Kensington Market neighbourhood. Describing this project as "Sisyphean" might have been more appropriate. Nut in this case, Amedeo Barbini and contruction manager Raul Alberto somehow did get that boulder to the top of the hill - with tremendous results. 

Located just south of College Street on Augusta Avenue, the Victorian home - estimates by Barbini to be at least 100 years old - was purchased by John McBride in 2004. It had been a mixed-use property for many years, then housing a retail pottery studio. Soon, a skateboard store moved in, with McBride building a skating ramp in the back


Around 2011 McBride decided it was time for a makeover, and he had some very specific ideas about what he wanted - not only in terms of the look and feel of the structure, but also the type of tenants. His goal was to make a "seamless integration into the market" 


Customer Feedback

Every detail of design and function was carefully considered and the result is a home that is a pleasure to live in everyday.


We just finished the project and have recently moved in and we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process from beginning to end.

Mary Lee Keefe & Guy Manuel

The layout of the rooms, the classic yet clean styling, the top-of-the-line materials, and the attention to detail were all immediately apparent the first time we saw this home.

Stephen Morrison

Your attention to a very elegant detailed design and quality throughout has put it in the forefront of new construction in Toronto.

J.H. Whiteside

His design truly anticipated our needs and the way we wanted to live in each of our homes.

N. W. Bud Purves